LEAH E. HORGAN / Long Beach CA 


I am researching, organizing, and art-ing around smart cities / housing / surveillance / being data-driven / design / related affects and histories


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horganl [ at ] uci [ dot ] edu

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Full Bio

Here I am experiencing wind on my eyelids somewhere in San Diego. Photo / joyful day by Cindy and Marketa.

Broadly my work looks at what
it means to be data-driven.

My dissertation research focuses on shifts in urban governance (via data-driven technology) and the turn to smart city logics in Los Angeles (and beyond), with attention to what is at stake here for city dwellers, city concepts, and the labor of civil service.

I am a community organizer with various local groups (Stop LAPD Spying Coalition, Long Beach Street Watch, and related groups and partners) working on housing justice, and against surveillance, policing, and related carceral violences.

When I’m not reading, writing, organizing, or drawing, you can find me boxing, napping, audiobooking my life away, hanging with my cat Mero, and walking / looking around city streets and “nature.”
Apart from my dissertation work, my interests surround: design and innovation culture (think silicon valley, start ups, and ‘design thinking’)… especially as these themes travel into the domains of Development and urban planning /// affect and psychic phenomena /// data, data science, data visualization /// visuality /// surveillance and policing /// illustration, graphic novels, comics, and typography /// sts and organizational theory /// history (of urban planning, development, science, and tech) /// urbanism and critical geography 

I am a [somewhat lapsed] graphic artist who creates [things] in pen / pastel / charcoal and digital collage. And sometimes sculpture. And sometimes code. I also love organizing things visually, and do freelance graphic design work in that vein, e.g. diagrams, data viz, book art (graphics / figures / cover art), web consulting, and animations and visual presentations.

Los Angeles City Hall

Hudson Yards, NYC